To serve for logistics service providers, enterprises and prospective investor to exchange insights and practices, as well as to broaden their business networks to induce lucrative investments.

Forum Activities

  • The Press Conference will convene key logistics and transportation leaders to meet with media for the strategic dissemination of EEC progress to a wider audience.

  • The Business Forum will highlight the inherent value of the EEC by presenting its prevailing logistics and infrastructure initiatives and vast business investment opportunities. Discussions will also include practical measures to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 in the sector.

  • The Business Networking and Matching Session will connect freight and logistics companies through online and onsite platforms to secure and widen business partnerships within and outside the GMS. Alongside the session, a product exhibit will showcase current technological innovations and products of the sector.

  • The Business Visit will expose the participants to EEC logistics facilities on the second day of the Forum. The visit will provide an opportunity for participants to collect field knowledge for more informed policy and business decision-making on future collaborations with and contributions to the EEC.

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